"Peace of mind, perfect coordination"

Insightful is a Conjurer power: the 9th of the Sorcery discipline.

Insightful Power Icon
The caster gains a duration bonus to all powers received from allies or himself.
Type: Passive
Discipline level: 17
Character level: 33
Power level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Positive power duration +5% +7% +9% +12% +15%


Unless points are actually invested into this power, it's usefulness is almost nothing. Perhaps the most credible aspect of this power is that auras cast by the conjurer are sustained longer, such as Greater Healing and Mana Communion. This duration increase can help hold back enemies long enough for the next conjurer to cast his own auras.

Documented changes

  • Version 0.9.15 (2007/7/12): Added.

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