Type:Adult Dark Hyena
Location:Volcanic Zone

Jidenah is an Adult Dark Hyena boss found in Ignis' Volcanic Zone. He was corrupted along with the other creatures of the Volcanic Zone, and adapted to the environment there. Jidenah does not use any Hyena skills, and instead fights with normal hits. A party of two high level players should be able to take him out without any problems.

Drops and Loot

Jidenah spawn map

Jidenah's Spawning Points


  • Jidenah has several spawn points that are randomly chosen when he respawns. The picture to the right shows them.
  • Trivia: Before an update to monster AI, Jidenah used to roam the Volcanic Zone and the surrounding areas attacking monsters and players alike. Sometimes he would even reach Altaruk City and ultimately fight the guards there.

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