Missing Runestones - Bloodless Heart
Level: 38 Class: All
Given by: Tatian (Altaruk City: 4759, 1376)
XP: 6150 Gold Icon Gold: 9500

"Missing Runestones - Bloodless Heart" is a level 38 quest in the Ignis realm, given by Tatian.


Welcome back friend. I have been looking through these spells, and I have found something that might be of use.

Here, down at the bottom of the page, it tells of a potion that can be made to tell the exact location of the missing contents.

It requires three ingredients, some of which I am not familiar with, but with your help, we might be able to make it.

The first ingredient we need is the heart of a Large Desert Rock Golem ground into a fine powder. Bring this to me, and I'll grind it up.


  1. Get Quest Icon Get 1 Heart from Large Desert Rock Golem
  2. Go To Quest Icon Go to Altaruk City
  3. Give Quest Icon Give Heart to Tatian (Altaruk City: 4759, 1376)

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