Raeraia City
World Map
Realm: Syrtis Syrtis Shield Icon
Region: Inner Realm
Inhabitants: 43
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Raeraia City

Raeria City is one of the 2 large cities in the Syrtis inner Realm. Besides Fisgael City it's probably the most important one due to the closeness War Zone gate. Nearly everyone uses Raeria's NPC's to train, coming from the war zone.
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Raeraia City street view

In case of an invasion, lots of players use the Altar of Resurrection to be able to return to the gate quickly. A Guard in Raeria, Kanglor gives the 6 Earth Rune Quests (Starting with The Earth Rune - Calling of the Guardians (Syrtis) (level 30) until the level 32 quest The Earth Rune - The Pendant (Syrtis) where the player is directed to the next quest person, Cirdale in Doshim Town). The Earth Rune quests take place in the Northern Frontier, next to the Earth Altar. The quests tell the player to kill several creatures, concluding with the fight against the Earth Pendant Holder.

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