"Chase a hunter, and you'll never catch him. Befriend one, and you'll never get caught"

Stalker Surroundings is a Hunter power: the 10th and final of the Scouting discipline.

Stalker Surroundings Power Icon
Allies close to the hunter become invisible.
Type: Constant
Discipline level: 19
Character level: 37
Affects: Self + multiple alliesCasting time: 5sArea: 10mCooldown time: 360sGlobal Cooldown: Short
Power level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Mana cost 440 485 520 560 600
Spell duration 60s 120s 180s 240s 300s
Debuffs on self
Movement Speed -40%
Invisibility 1 ally 2 allies 3 allies 4 allies 5 allies


High cost, high gain. A big chunk of mana and a long cooldown, but the hunter and up to 5 other characters can completely hide from the enemy for a long time (five minutes when maxed). Given its high mana cost, hunters should warn their allies before casting, so everyone is ready.

Allies will lose invisibility if they are further away than 10 m from the hunter for 5 seconds. An eye will appear over the invisible players to indicate their status. Allies will be able to see the invisible players.

This skills animation is the same as Camouflage, meaning the players vanish and become unelectable, however the animation shows vertical yellow bars rather than sparkles.

Documented changes

  • Version 1.6.3 (2010/9/21): Now allows players under the effect of the skill to move with reduced movement speed. Allies under the effect are now visible.
  • Version 1.0.6 (2009/5/21): Being attacked while casting this ability will interrupt the cast.

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